Best WordPress Migration Plugins (2021)

Best Free WordPress Migration Plugin 2021

Are you struggling to decide the Best WordPress Migration Plugins for your WordPress site in 2021?

If yes, then there is nothing to worry about as most of the WordPress users struggle with this while migrating their WordPress site as the marketplace is occupied with a number of migration plugins and all of them are quite popular and it is obvious that a variety of options can confuse the buyers.

So, we will help you to get a closer look at the Best WordPress migration plugins so that they can help you make the right decision. 

4 Best Free Migration Plugins of 2021

WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB Plugin is quite different from other plugins as t is a revolutionary approach to safely move migrate websites. Moving the database of the website to another can be a daunting task and migrating them manually can be more frustrating. So, this Best WordPress Migration Plugin is allowing the users to migrate the database of the website as SQL files by finding and replacing URLs and file paths.

This is simplifying the daunting task of the users and also offering ease of use to them. The price of the WP Migrate DB premium version starts from $99. If you want to migrate your site in just one click, then this plugin can be a good option for you. 

Migrate Guru

Migrating websites from one location to another is not an easy task as most of the users encounter lots of issues like transfer blunders, documenting file path mistakes, authorization mistakes, and other such troubles are often faced by them.

So, to get rid of all this trouble of the users, the most appropriate choice of the plugin is Migrate Guru that allows the users to migrate their website databases to a new server or domain name with less technical knowledge as well.

These WordPress Migration Plugins can efficiently deal with all issues and trouble related to the migration of your site. This plugin is specifically designed for large sites and also offers one-click migration. Migrate Guru is available free of cost. 


UpdraftPlus is specifically designed and developed as a backup tool to automatically backup WordPress files and databases. This Best Free WordPress Migration Plugin is available for free and the premium version of this plugin ranges from $70 to $195 per year.

This plugin is highly appreciated by the users to offer swiftest backups with the help of cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, and SCP. It allows the users to do everything directly from their WordPress Dashboard and they can also schedule the automatic backup of the database.

The files of the websites can also be moved to other locations manually or by utilizing one-click migration extensions on the website. So, this can also be a good choice to migrate your website while avoiding any kind of mistake.


BackupBuddy is one of the Best WordPress Migration Plugins which is highly recommended by professionals to safely and securely move your website to another location.

It also serves primarily as a backup tool as UpDraft Plus Plugin. So, the users mostly prefer to use this plugin to restore their old files, in case they delete files, get hacked, or encounter any kind of user errors.

The plugin is also available in the free version, but if you want a lifetime license of this plugin then, the premium version ranges from $80 to $199. So, if you want to clone your WordPress site with just one click of a button, then BackupBuddy can be a great choice for you. You can also download the premium version for free with our premium membership plans

Final Conclusion:

We will wrap up this post with our final words that we hope that this post will help you decide to choose the Best WordPress Migration Plugins that are a perfect fit for the needs and requirements of your website migration.

While migrating the database of your website to another location, we will suggest you do everything carefully. Do not forget to create backup data before you start migrating your website! 

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